8 04 2010

Today, we started the final assignment for the semester. In this exercise, we are suppose to render the darkest darks and lightest lights in order to create a portrait of ourselves. This value exercise requires us to erase the dark to get light unlike the other that required us to shade to get dark and light. Intially, I thought this process would be much easier only to find out that the nose I started to draw is too small. Among other things, I have to focus on seeing my face in terms of light instead of its iconic qualities.



“Feeding Time”

1 04 2010

When I was first assigned this project, I wanted to make a butterfly. My ideas were to use wire to make the foundation and also cover the wire with tissue paper in order to highlight the light weight and the beautiful colors of butterflies. After much contemplation, I decide that making the wings was what I was most interesting in doing for this project. I thought, What other animals have wings that I would like to create? I decided to make a bird. This idea popped into my head because my class mascot is a phoenix. After researching bird images, I identified the major characteristics of a bird. Bird-like features that I wanted to show in my piece were the beak, wings, and color.

Red Wings

  The next day when I began working on the piece I did not have a clear idea of how I wanted to create my bird. I, eventually, started with the wire but soon realized that the wire was too thin. Zama suggested that I intertwine  the wire to make the structure sturdy. The rest of my project developed in the same manner; I use trial and error to figure out what worked best. I also began to create the other peices as I imagined the storyline. The peice that I put the most thought into was the beaks of the birds in the nest. I wanted to take the most important feature of the bird and use it to represent the babies in the nest. I wanted my viewers to see the beaks and imagine the rest of the baby birds. The worm was actually the last part that I added because I felt like something was missing from my story. When I added the worm, I felt my story “Feeding Time” was complete. My art had a beginning and an end.

The materials that I used were also a result of trial and error. I looked through the supplies to see what worked for my work. I know that I wanted a red bird because I wanted it to be the same color as my class mascot, the phoeni but everything else sorta followed while I was working. My explanation of what I wanted to created, how I wanted to create it, and what materials I wanted to use all seem slightly haphazard. With this peice, I was simpily going with what felt right. Each peice that I added was like creating the next sentence, paragraph, or Chapter in my narrative “Feeding time”.

“Art and the City”: From DC to NY Spring Break style

17 03 2010


As I walked throughout the major cities of Washington DC and NewYork City during spring break, I noticed that the city was decorated with many different forms of art. From the railways to the college campus, people have presented their art in a way that depicts the respective cities. These pictures also caught my attention and in some way has a connection to me and my life. I show this relationship by naming the art the first word or phrase that pops into my head.

Creating Words

16 03 2010

For this project, we were told to make a visual representation of a word. We were to use different shapes to engage the space on the page in a way that portrays the word that we picked. While doing this project, we were to consider many different things. For example, lines are arrows because they point your eyes in particular directions. Also, depending on where the line is postioned on the page deteremines the relationship the line has with the page. Other concepts to think about were scale, style, value, and the composition of the peice.

This project was very different from the value exercise and had to be completed much quicker than any of the other assignments. Despite the short period, I decided that I would do my best to complete the project. I was given the word TROUBLED. It took me forever to decide how I could represent this world. Even discussing my ideas with a classmate wasn’t very helpful. I felt like I was not very creativity was not shown while  doing this project. I may be being harsh on my work but this was my least favorite peice that I produced in this class.

In order to represent the word troubled, I wanted to show that there was a continuous pattern. The continuous pattern would represent the contancy that one battles with when they are troubled. The part of the peice that represents the  uneasiness that occurs when one is troubled is the black space. The black spaces in the pattern are there to show how being troubled disturbs the things that are constant in life.

Marta Project

5 03 2010

Marta Project Redo

When I started this project, I really wanted to take pictures of art within the Marta train station. While reporting my findings at the first class critique, I realized that some Marta stations had more art than others. I decided to take another approach to this project and take the route that I often  took when I was in high school. I rode the Marta bus #58 from my house to Westlake train station. I would continue this trip in two different ways. If I was going to my old high school, then I would go to Lindbergh train station and take the #48. But, if I was going to hang out with my friends, then I would take the train to Lenox train station and go to Lenox Mall. During my trip what I noticed was that there was not any art work  i.e.  murals, sculptures, or architecture at the West bound train stations, but as I rode toward the North bound and East bound train stations there was plenty of art. Before doing this project, I have not been on Marta in a very long time because I have a car. I did notice the changes that had occurred: the cost of Marta had increased, the entry gates had changed, and some stations had changed. The station that had changed was Lindbergh; it has been transformed into a place where people can eat, shop, go to night clubs. Most importantly for this project there was plenty of art work at the train station.

First Draft             

      I loved being assgined this project because I am from Atlanta but often encounter people that are afraid of Marta.  Marta became by friend when I entered high school. I used Marta to go to school and back home again. My friends and I often used Marta to go to the mall and to Underground Atlanta. While travelling on Marta ,I often noticed the murals and architecture of the different train stations. This is what I captured in my Marta project. I took pictures of a mural at Decatur and North ave train station, the architecture at Five Points, and the varsity advertisement at North ave station.  

P.S. I talked to Zama about my Marta project. I had three initial ideas and  they were to photograph each station and suggest whether or not the cleanliness of the station reflected the poverty or wealth of the neighbor, photograph loss change, and the other was the art that appears at different stations.







Dance as an Art Form

4 03 2010

Tonight, I watched the Pre-Informal Conference performance in the dance studio. Tomorrow,  six Agnes Scott College students, Stephanie Cureton, Lathasia Collins, Victoria Guillory, Jaime Henry-White, Tia Huston and Havalyn Raeuber, will leave to compete at the American College Dance Festival. They will perform two peices called “Ok Computer” and “Falling off of porches”. The purpose of tonights event was to show the Agnes Scott community what they will perform at the conference. Both performance were modern dances and therefore was their own interpretation of  “Ok Computer” and “Falling off of porches”. What makes dance similar to visual art? Much like art, dance using movement  and color to communicate to its observers. For example, in the “Ok Computer” peice the student wore all white and wrapped a black cable around her whole body. This contrast in color and texture created activity before she even moved her body. When she begin to dancing, she used quick and very sharp movements which I interpreted as very industrial and electrial circuit-like. These two characteristics are indicative of computer technology. In the second peice “Falling of Porches”, the dancers blue flowing dress paired with soft,circular, and  flowing movements created beautiful imagery of what it would be like to fall off of the porch.


Fundred Dollar Bill

22 02 2010

 The Fundred Dollar Bill was a project started by Mel Chin after Hurrincane Katrina. He begin this project because he was asked to go to New Orleans in order to give an artist perspective on how the city could be cleaned up. While there, he felt hopeless when looking at the massive amount of damage that Hurricane Katrina left behind but what he did notice was that their was already a huge problem in New Orleans before Katrina hit. Chin was alarmed because the the soil was filled with lead and was poisioning the youth within the city. The fundred website reports that lead contaminates the soil in about 86,000 properties and effects about 30% of the cities youth. In order to deplete the soil of lead, Mel Chin combined his efforts with other scientist and devised a plan to prevent lead posioning. Mel Chin also wanted to get the children involved which is the more artistic part of his activism. He recruited children worldwide to make their own fundred dollar bill that will be sent to Congress. Mel Chin is lobbying Congress and asking them to match every fake 100 dollar bill that Congress receives with real money so that they can clean up the soil in many inner cities across the nation. This is a clever way to combine art, science, and political activism because by children making the fundred dollar bills Congress will more likely listen to the problem that is plagueing their city’s. It also gives the children agnecy in this problem because they are the one’s that are most affected by the lead ridden soil which often causes many disabilities and other health problems.